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My Yoga journey .. so far.

I had a few good reasons to start practising yoga. First being anxiety and all the nice stuff that comes with it, second – because I love exercising and movement, but going to the gym just didn’t feel like an option, and third finally exploring my spirituality. Before I started my 31 days yoga challenge […]

So I stopped drinking alcohol for a year…

So I stopped drinking alcohol for a year. Every time I say or even think “I stopped drinking alcohol for a year” makes me feel like I was an alcoholic, which was definitely not the case, and it also makes me feel like it’s some kind of an achievement, which it’s really not. That’s why […]

Me and England. 5 year anniversary.

5 years ago today, I moved to another country – the United Kingdom. Mind though, I didn’t know I was going to stay here that long. When I came I thought I will stay for a couple of months to look after my niece. But things came out very differently than planned. Which I am […]

My top 5 wellness discoveries this year

This year has been the biggest year of self. Self-care, self-love and finding and getting to know my self. It’s still an ongoing journey. Probably one that never ends really. I’ve been reading and listening and studying a lot of wellness and self-growth materials. Following so many inspiring people, which encouraged me to start my own […]

Being honest to yourself

Something I’ve been practising or at least trying recently is to be really honest with myself. It’s part of this year’s theme to get to know myself better. And so far this is one of the most important realisations. We lie to ourselves because it’s so much easier to remain ignorant and fool ourselves. People […]

think positive thoughts

The effect of positive thoughts and how to master it.

I have been thinking about self-improvement a lot lately and throughout this year. And there have been lots of ups and downs. But there is something that I have realised recently, that I have actually read about and been told to do so often. It’s thinking positive thoughts. It’s such a simple tip, but it’s […]


What self-love really mean!

Self-love is something that everyone talks about right now. I wonder when did it start to become so popular. And why it took so long for everyone to realise that self-love is so important and that it’s more than a wellness trend. Here is why it’s important. Simply because you have to love yourself to […]

release anxiety

10 Tips To Release Anxiety And Stress Quickly.

Today I am writing something that I’ve been dreading to write about since I started the blog. It’s my anxiety. Not that I am ashamed or anything, it’s just hard to talk about it sometimes when you are trying to not think about it. It’s really hard, but I want to help others who are […]

get organized

One Tip To Get Organized Immediately

I get overwhelmed like 10 times a day. And that makes me feel like my head is a big huge mess, because of all the thoughts and to do lists are in my head. And it’s all because I need to get organized. One trick I learned is to take a step back to recap. […]


Favourite podcasts | wellness,self-growth,motivation

Hello, everyone. Today I want to share some of my favourite podcasts. Only recently I got into listening podcasts and honestly, I feel so educated in all kinds of fields from wellness to beauty to branding. Most podcasts I listen bring on guests that are professionals in their field or have solo episodes with their […]