Welcome to my blog! I am Laima and I am coming from a small country by the Baltic Sea called Latvia, but at the moment, and for the last almost 5years I’ve been living in the wonderful country of the United Kingdom, the city of Leeds to be specific.

Ever since my childhood, I was into wellness and holistic health. Only recently I realised where it’s all started for me. I realised that my mom is a holistic health junkie ever since I can remember. She has tons of different hand-picked herbal teas for any illness and occasion. She has done Reiki, I’ve had cupping done in childhood many times (before it was cool), astrology, dry brushing, vision boards you name it. It’s been all so normal to me all my life, that I only now realised where all this interest for wellness is coming for me.

On this blog, I want to share stories, tips and my journey to create a beautiful life. And I believe that to do so, we need to take care of our bodies, mind, soul and our home. But most of all enjoy every moment.

This blog is for you if you want to create a beautiful life, get some tips on mindfulness, self-care, mental health issues, healthy body tips, home decorating, cleaning and so on.

Please have a read and let me know what you think.