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The effect of positive thoughts and how to master it.

I have been thinking about self-improvement a lot lately and throughout this year. And there have been lots of ups and downs. But there is something that I have realised recently, that I have actually read about and been told to do so often.

It’s thinking positive thoughts.

It’s such a simple tip, but it’s hard to do when you have a negative Nancy in your mind all the time.

When we have a positive mind we stress less.

For example, when we are stressing out about an upcoming trip it’s because we are thinking of all the bad things that might happen. We focus on it so much it seems that it actually will happen because we have imagined the bad scenario.

Instead, we can just think, hey, all this does not have to happen and very likely that it will all go well. Think, I will have a nice trip, beautiful holiday and I will come back refreshed and happy. And just by doing that it makes all the difference and we feel so much happier.

The problem with this is, that it’s not easy to let go of negative thoughts. We are set to think about all the what-ifs.

1. One way to do that is to eliminate all the important what-if scenarios, that might be more likely to happen. Like, if we take the same travel example. It can happen that we miss our flight or train because of many reasons. So to eliminate that we set off earlier, or just accept that we can always take a different train. And then LET IT GO. You already know what to do and there is no reason to think about it anymore.

You know that in whatever situation we are it will be fine.

There is always a way to get out of it, it might not be as good as planned, but it will not be stressful, and instead, you just accept it as an experience.

2. Other way to do it is to literary don’t accept any negative thinking and just trust that it will all go well. I do this all the time because I tend to overthink. When a negative thought pops in my mind I immedtiately replace it with something positive. It’s not easy at first, but the more you practice it the easier is to recognise that negative thought. The more you do it the less they come back.

3. Another way, which I am not that good at is to accept the thought, but let it go without letting it affect you. This is something you can practice through meditation. I am trying to really master this right now. Meditations where you imagine your thoughts as cars, or leaves in the river are the way to go to control that nagging negativity.

Overall thinking positive thoughts at any time is a good practice for every day thoughts as well as for those who suffer with menal health issues like anxiety, stress and depression.

It’s definitely work in process to swap your negative thoughts with your positive thoughts. And not an easy one. But it’ well worth it.

For those who (like I used to) don’t believe that this can help you, I can assure.

Because we are what we think, we are our thoughts.

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