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Hello, everyone. Today I want to share some of my favourite podcasts. Only recently I got into listening podcasts and honestly, I feel so educated in all kinds of fields from wellness to beauty to branding. Most podcasts I listen bring on guests that are professionals in their field or have solo episodes with their best tips. It adds so much value to your everyday life and not only that, they are also very motivational and fun to listen to.

My favourite time to listen to podcasts is in the morning while I’m getting ready for work, but to be honest I am so into adding so much valuable information to my life that I listen to it while on the bus or while cleaning house and while going on long walks. They are just that good.  OK I switched listening to music to listening to podcasts now. It’s addictive.

Here are my top favourite podcasts:

The Chasing Joy Podcast with Goergie. It’s a wellness/happiness/joy podcast. Georgie is very positive and all her interests match with mine. She has a lot of good and funny guests. Her own story is a very interesting one, so definitely give it a try.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her This is probably on everyone’s list of favourite podcasts. Here Lauryn Evarts with her husband Michael Bostick are talking about blogging, entrepreneurship, branding, self-development and a lot of awkward topics for her husband like beauty, wellness and women stuff. They are both so funny and their tips are even better.

Nourish + Flourish   This is one of those podcasts that will motivate you. Here, two friends, Betsy and Emily are talking all things wellness and self-growth. Their voices are so calming, they will make you feel safe and calm. They are mostly doing solo, but they have quite a stories and knowledge to share.

The Balanced Blonde podcats (Soul on Fire) OK Jordan Younger is the wellness maven. Her podcast brings on the biggest wellness and spiritual gurus. I love it because it is slightly more spiritual than others and the episodes get very personal. It’s a real gem.

That’s So Retrograde  The hosts of this show Steph and Elisabeth are the kind of girls you want them as best friends. They have tried it all in wellness world. And what’s the best thing about them – they are real. They are so real, even though they drink smoothies and drink matcha tea. they still go out, they have skin and gut issues and they talk about it all. We all can relate. Also, a lot of topics about Astrology, hence the name of the show. I love it.

The Highest Self podcast This is one that I discovered only recently and it’s already one of my favourites. Sahara Rose is an Ayurveda specialist and talks all about it + spirituality.  It’s definitely a good one to listen to get inspired.


That is it so far. If you haven’ listened to a podcast yet, I really suggest you give these a try.


Happy Listening!

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