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Know your working style!

Since I’m all about exploring myself and trying to listen to my body and really try to get to know who am I, I’ve realized one, the most important thing.

Nothing is constant! Everything is changing!

And so am I. And so are you.

So why is it important to get to know yourself?

It’s important to get to know your patterns and it’s important to know where are you now. We tend to have the same patterns pretty much throughout our life. And once you recognize those patterns, it’s so much easier to understand yourself and be able to make the right decisions for yourself.

Also, it’s just easier and nicer to be with someone who you know very well, but also to be open to and allow change.

So a few things…

One thing I learned is, that I need to work on a few things at the time. I would start one thing and at some point, it slips out of my life, or I get tired of it, or it get’s HARD. Yes. I’m so bad when things get complicated, I’m like “I don’t care, I don’t need this!”. But Obviously, It’s no good. So I realized this pattern here. I ALWAYS COME BACK. I quit something I started and then start something else, and a few months later I will want to get back to that first thing. Complicated. I know. But I learned how to trick myself.

I allow myself to do a few things at a time. When I get tired of one, I do the other, knowing I will come back to the first thing when I’m ready for it. I also try to keep those things different from each other. Like something logical and something creative.

It might not work for everyone. But WHAT WORKS FOR YOU is what’s important.

Another one is – I’m not the one who is pushing my limits. I don’t work well under pressure. Not that I will screw up under pressure, no. But as so many people say they work better under pressure, I can’t say that about myself.

And it feels so good to acknowledge it. Because it really seems that most people are working on things all night, pushing their limits, or does things last minute when the pressure is there.

It makes me feel like I’m lazy or not that into working. But in reality. I give my 100% when I’ve had a good sleep, good meal, and a couple of breaks in between.

Thant’s just how it works for me and I’m really glad I’ve recognized that. Now I know when I’m most productive and can do the best work.

Tell me about your working style or what works for you?

I would love to hear.

And remember that we are all different and it’s important to find your way!


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  1. If youre the tpe of one that is less thаn thrilled
    with the prosрect of working in the same workplace, daу аfter day, eliminating this form of routine is likely
    one of tһe most eѕsential highlights which you could receeive from freelancing.
    If you rent yоurself oout as a freeⅼancer, each јob project that you simply
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    you will have the opportunity to satisfy many
    more attention-grabbіng people. This factor alne iis one of the foremost explanation why many pɑralegals favoг freslancing over committing themselves to 1 pecific

    1. Yes, I definitely agree that freelancing for this type of person like me would be beneficial. Same as for some people having a stable workplace with set hours feels a lot better. That’s why it’s important to get to know what’s your working style. Work conditions are as important as what’s the actual job.

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