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On turning 25!


Here is on turning 25!
For the first time ever I felt like, wow am I getting old?
For the first time, it felt like 25 is a lot. I remember being 16 and thinking I would like to have children by 25! ehm. No thanks 16-year-old me!
And then someone on your birthday says, “Happy quarter of a century!”. Faaanks! (smiling awkwardly)
I was taken by all these feels like a week before my birthday and then on my birthday and then for another week after. But one thing struck me.
Why does it feel like that this year? What’s the difference of turning 25?
So I dug deeper.
Obviously, before I ask myself, I search all the external faults and find out that the planets are not aligned on my behalf and in fact are making me feel very nostalgic + my period was due.
So I blame my sadness/fear/anxiety to planets and hormones!
Only a few weeks later I decided to ask myself why does it bother me so much this year. And I realized that I was just not where I expected myself to be at 25.

On that note, I decided to start a blog!
Something I’ve been wanting to do for so many years but never had the guts to do it.
Also decided to dedicate this year for oh so trendy self-love and self-discovery.

I want to listen to myself and actually hear what my body is saying.
I want to give myself time to remember who I was and decide who I’m yet to become.
And I want to take everyone else along for the ride and share my story and a few tips that I learn along the way.

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