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One Tip To Get Organized Immediately

I get overwhelmed like 10 times a day. And that makes me feel like my head is a big huge mess, because of all the thoughts and to do lists are in my head. And it’s all because I need to get organized.

One trick I learned is to take a step back to recap. And it works so well. It also helps with time management, stress and anxiety.

Whenever you feel like you have too many things in your mind. Just stop wherever you are and have a little moment with yourself. It’s important to stop whatever you are doing, take a few deep breaths and let yourself think of what you need to do right now, just one thing. Even better if you can set time for it or write it down.

Most often I do this when I come home from work. My mind immediately races of all the things I need to do, but yet I’ve been scrolling down on Instagram for an hour (thinking I can get away from my tasks). But since I learned this little trick, I feel more organized and less anxious. It’s so simple and effective to get organized instantly.

Another good time to have a meeting with yourself is in the morning. Take it as a meditation. Just sit back and think of what you need to do today, but only plan what you will do for the next hour or so. Or until you get to work. That will be less overwhelming because you only focus on those few things that you need to do.

Do it when you need to calm down, to get organized or just when you are tired and you need to take a break.

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