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keep your house smelling fresh

How to keep your house smelling fresh!

My nose is pretty sensitive when it comes to all kinds of smells. Because of that, I like to have my house smelling fresh and everything smelling nice around me. But then again, who doesn’t, right? Over years I have researched and tried out many ways to keep my house smelling fresh and nice, and […]

boost your confidence

Boost Your Confidence!

Since I have started to pay attention to myself a lot more lately.I knew I have yet another thing to explore and invite in my life. And it’s self-confidence. I have been really confident and I’ve been at my lowest with a very low self-confidence. Now I wouldn’t say that I have no confidence at […]

working style

Know your working style!

Since I’m all about exploring myself and trying to listen to my body and really try to get to know who am I, I’ve realized one, the most important thing. Nothing is constant! Everything is changing! And so am I. And so are you. So why is it important to get to know yourself? It’s […]

On turning 25!

  Here is on turning 25! For the first time ever I felt like, wow am I getting old? For the first time, it felt like 25 is a lot. I remember being 16 and thinking I would like to have children by 25! ehm. No thanks 16-year-old me! And then someone on your birthday […]