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Boost Your Confidence!

Since I have started to pay attention to myself a lot more lately.I knew I have yet another thing to explore and invite in my life. And it’s self-confidence.

I have been really confident and I’ve been at my lowest with a very low self-confidence. Now I wouldn’t say that I have no confidence at all, but I know there is a space to improve. Always.

Why is it important?

When you are confident with yourself, your actions and words, you get so much more out of life. In fact, you can get and do whatever you want. Low self-esteem is also a big reason why people suffer from depression and anxiety. So why not pay more attention and work on it.

There are very different ways of confidence and it’s a big one to explore.

I believe there are two ways we can help ourselves.

One is: “fix” your insecurities.

Because I’m like an open book I will list my insecurities as an example and I would recommend you to do the same, just for a note. Also because when you write down your insecurities they seem more ridiculous, so already easier to overcome them.

A few of mine are:

  • Knowledge – I don’t think I’m not intelligent enough, but I feel like there are a lot of things I have no knowledge of and I always seem to appear in the conversations about it. Also, I doubt the information I know well, it’s weird but I do. In the same category, I would put the fact that I’ve never gone to university because that makes me think I haven’t got enough knowledge.
  • Body – It’s not a big one, but sometimes I feel very insecure because I’m quite skinny. In the world where “real” women have curves, and I’m skinny. I know it might sound stupid, but I’ve been called anorexic and sick when I’m not, and It doesn’t feel better than being called fat. So I guess I have my reasons for this one.
  • Feeling of not being good or interesting and important enough – this is very important because that’s what makes me feel anxious and lowers self-esteem the most. I always have that feeling that everyone else is better than me. More interesting, more adventurous and fun. And also more important. This has something to do with what others think about me(most likely closer people).

The other is:

Finding your instant confidence boosts. It’s so important because there are different days and someday we don’t feel all that beautiful and important, and for those days we need to find little fixes.


My Top 3 confidence boosts :

  • Singing along to my favourite songs. I am not a good singer at all, but I love it. When I’m home alone I just put my earphones in and put on some of my favourite songs and sing it out. Singing is also good for releasing stress and anxiety!
  • Dressing up. Even though I don’t dress up every single day and don’t use very much makeup, I think most girls will relate, that dressing up and putting nice makeup on boosts confidence. Even if it’s just a nicely put together outfit. I literally feel my voice is louder and my back straighter when I know I look good.
  • Put on sunglasses. Some days you just don’t feel like wearing makeup, so the next best thing is just putting on sunglasses. It’s like a magic wand. Because everyone looks good in sunglasses. Also, they make you feel like you are hidden and protected. Like the world can’t get to you.

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