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What self-love really mean!

Self-love is something that everyone talks about right now. I wonder when did it start to become so popular. And why it took so long for everyone to realise that self-love is so important and that it’s more than a wellness trend.

Here is why it’s important. Simply because you have to love yourself to be able to love others, and to allow others to love you. And we all want love in our lives, don’t we?

How to love yourself then? Here are my favourite self-love practices:

  1. Put yourself firstFirstly there are a lot of people who have no problem with this. But I’m not one of them.

    It doesn’t mean that you have to ignore other people. But simply by thinking about yourself a bit more. Put yourself first more often. Think about what you want.

  2. Don’t let others influence your moodSounds so simple, yet so hard to do. But I have noticed how other peoples actions can influence my whole day. And someone once said to me. Don’t let other peoples actions influence your mood. And it just struck me.I don’t have to. And I keep reminding it to myself all the time.
  3. Invest in your healthI used to think that spending a lot of money for expensive treatments is just crazy. This year I’ve had to spend quite a bit on my health. First of all, I took CBT therapy sessions with a private Psychologist, and I did spend a lot of money. But it was worth it. Worth more than all the clothing and other stuff I would have bought for that money. And now I’ve been going to a chiropractor, because 2 years ago (yes, that long) I damaged my back in the gym. It took me 2 years to realize that it’s not going to get better on its own. So I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, which is also really expensive, but it’s so worth it. I am already feeling so much better, and I doubt there would be anything else that could help me. The point is, don’t be afraid to invest in your health.
  4. Listen to your bodyWhen we listen to our bodies, there is so much they can tell us. But most importantly, if you love your self you will listen when it says that you need rest. You will know when your body needs food, and what kind of food makes it feel better. And when your body needs more movement. Just listen to your body and you will see how good you will feel when you give your body what it needs.
  5. Let go of things that don’t serve youHere is something that might not be easy to do for everyone. Not me at least. But real self -love means that you let go of things that don’t serve you and that are holding you back. It’s hard because you don’t even realise of those things. It starts with bad food, to toxic friendships, bad habits. It’ something that we might have been doing for years not realizing it’s not good for us. Take some time to see if there is something in your life that you need to let go of. I will write some tips on how to do this in an other post.
  6. Feed yourself with healthy food and some exerciseAnd of course, if you really love yourself you will have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating habits don’t mean to be on a diet for the rest of your life. If you just add more healthy options to your day and reduce the more unhealthy ones just a bit, it will significantly increase your wellbeing. And we all need some form of exercise. Our bodies are built to move. Just add more steps to your day, maybe walk to shop instead of driving, or take the stairs. Just add whatever movement you like to your day. You will thank yourself later.

I could go on and on with more things that really mean self-love. That goes beyond hot baths and more sleep. But I think you understand my point. And I hope you enjoy my tips.


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  1. My favorite one was letting go of things that don’t serve you. This is something I’m currenrly working on! It’s not always easy letting go of toxic relationships…but it has made all the difference. Thanks for sharing 💛

    1. I agree it’s really hard to let go of things like that. It’s like we are made to not enjoy our lives 😀 And that’s why we need to practice self-love. 🙂

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